Why I’m Going Heavy In Daily Fantasy This Year

I’ve been a huge fantasy baseball and football fan since the early 2000’s and I’ve even dipped my toes in to the fantasy basketball and hockey pool a bit too. Growing up a huge sports fan there’s nothing better than getting a group of your buddies together, have a few beers and draft a league to show which of you knows the most about sports (usually me of course!).

My fantasy sports life has changed a lot over the past few years. I have a couple kids and almost all of my buddies have at least one of their own. The time I used to spend studying fantasy baseball draft guides from January to March is now spent on work and the kids, and I just don’t have time to devote to drafting a team that will dominate the entire year. I’m still sticking with the yearly fantasy leagues I always have played, but I’m cutting back everything else in favor of daily fantasy.

If you’ve listened to sports radio in the past few years then you have undoubtedly heard endless Fanduel and Draftkings promo code commercials that drive you nuts. Well as bad as the commercials are the game is equally as awesome. I don’t have to spend all year worrying about finding a replacement for the umph-teenth closer that went down with injury, I don’t have to stress when my first round shortstop goes down with a season ending injury AGAIN (looking at you Tulo!) and if I’m having a busy day with the kids then I just won’t play that night… simple as that.

When I first heard about DFS I was a little nervous because it really seemed like gambling, but I did some research and found out that it’s totally legal because it’s a “game of skill” (you can read more on the law here and here if you need something to put you to sleep) so that’s fine by me. I just deposited some money via Paypal, got my signup bonus, and from then on I was hooked.

Besides the money I win (sometimes), my favorite part about playing fantasy daily instead of a season long league is competition level. I’ve always been one of the top 3-4 teams in almost every baseball and football league I’ve ever been in, but these sites bring the best of the best from the fantasy community so you better do your homework and you better bring your A game – or get extremely lucky – because these guys (and girls) know their stuff. Plus in a season long league the guys who are buried with injuries give up half way through. Some people won’t like tough competition but I don’t play fantasy sports because they’re easy, I play them because I want a challenge.